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Onsite property management has an advantage to provide better service! 


As our manager reisdes on the complex and has an office onsite this enables us to know exactly what is going on within the building.  It gives us access to our tenants on a daily basis. We are able to form better relationships with our residents and tenants living in the building.

We have a financial and vested interest in the property management and operation of the complex and therefore committed to presenting our building to the highest possible standard to ensure it maintains a reputation as a highly desirable living environment.

We are able to monitor rent payments daily and immediately follow up late payments as we work near the tenant.

In comparison to an off-site manager, an on-site property manager is able to observe who is coming and going from the complex and your apartment. We are able to keep better control of any maintenance issues that might occur in our apartments.

Because our tenants see us all the time, they inform us of maintenance issues more often, and consequently we inspect the apartment more often.

We sit on the Body Corporate Committee. This keeps us fully informed of important matters relating to the building. 

In summary, we are committed to looking after your and our investment. We are in the best position to do this, and any other agent cannot possibly compete with the level of service we can provide!